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Selling your home can be considered one of the most stressful things to do. Between getting a home ready for market and planning to move, most sellers want to get the best price for their investment while not having to worry about every small detail that comes with the selling process. It doesn’t have to be this way. From start to finish, Quaid & Rooney will make your home selling experience smooth and straightforward.


Expertise backed by our satisfied clients

Our combined decades’ worth of experience positions us best to sell your home.

Selling services

Learn about the array of services we offer our home sellers.

Q&R Concierge

Our network of providers will increase your home's value and help sell it quicker.

Selling 101

Understand the steps that go into selling your house.

Sell with confidence

Quaid & Rooney has the experience that can help increase your home’s value and make the selling process effortless and enjoyable.

Count on our experience

Over the years, we have sold hundreds of homes for our clients, many of whom are referred or repeat business.

Stellar sellers

Our award-winning brokers are committed to selling your home and your complete satisfaction with the experience.

We’re here for you

We know how stressful selling a home can be. We will guide and mentor you throughout the entire selling experience.

Putting our network to work for you

We’ve built a network of exceptional and trusted service providers who will assist you in getting ready for the market.

Listing at the right price

Our seasoned brokers are experts at property pricing.

Setting the stage to sell

Image is almost everything. Along with flawless home staging, we know which improvements will make your home more marketable and sell quicker.


Seller services

Our sellers have enough concerns when preparing their home for market and planning their move to a new home. Quaid & Rooney handles a variety of tasks and details to make sure that your real estate property is properly evaluated, priced, marketed, negotiated and carried to closing.

Research & home pricing

We prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) using current sales data and our knowledge of local market trends and buyers' expectations. This helps you understand your property’s value and set a competitive listing price. We want the most for your property with the fewest number of concessions. As property valuation experts, we’ll guide you through the final pricing decision.

Marketing strategy

Quaid & Rooney has crafted marketing plans for nearly every type of residential property in both Chicago and suburban real estate markets.

Home evaluation & improvements

Our agents will conduct a thorough home evaluation to assess your home’s condition and how it stands up against competition. We will also recommend improvements to increase home value and marketability.

Market updates

As market conditions change, our agents will provide you with market updates regarding the supply/demand ratio. Behind the scenes, we are continuously monitoring market activity and trends.

Inspections & repair negotiations

Home inspections often result in a number of costly fixes at the seller’s expense. Quaid & Rooney will work with you to ensure that negotiations are fair and amicable, without costing you the deal.

Contract & closing

With over 50 tasks, the contract and closing process can become complex and challenging. We will make this stress-free and simple for you, finalizing the sale with peace of mind.

Q&R Concierge

We're at your service

Quaid & Rooney will support you throughout the entire selling process. Our comprehensive seller services and extensive professional network will help sell your home quickly and without the all the stress.

The selling process

While selling your home may seem complex and daunting, this overview describes the key phases that make up a typical home sale.

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Phase 1 - Onboarding

  • You connect with Quaid & Rooney and the first of two meetings will be scheduled to discuss the sale of your home.
  • At the first meeting, you and the listing agent walk through your home and discuss its features and recent improvements.
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Phase 2 - Home assessment & preparation

  • At the second meeting, the listing agent will review the market research, home pricing and your exclusive marketing plan.
  • The seller chooses to work with Quaid & Rooney.
  • Required home listing documents are signed by you.
  • Your listing team prepares a list of suggested home improvements and helps coordinate the work.
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Phase 3 - Marketing your home

  • Quaid & Rooney launches the marketing plan for your home.
  • Your listing agent receives showing requests, then schedules showing appointments with you.
  • Open houses are scheduled to promote your home.
  • While on the market, your listing agent provides you with showing and market updates.
Icon of negotiating conversation

Phase 4 - Negotiations & home inspection

  • An offer is received from a buyer.
  • You and your listing agent work together to negotiate the terms of the offer.
  • You accept the buyer's offer.
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Phase 5 - Attorney review contingency

  • The contract is shared with both the buyer's and seller's attorneys for review.
  • The buyer agent schedules a home inspection.
  • Inspection findings are reviewed and negotiated between the two parties.
  • Your listing agent assists you in coordinating estimates and repairs.
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Phase 6 - Mortgage contingency

  • The home appraisal is scheduled.
  • Your listing agent meets the licensed appraiser at the property.
  • The buyer's lender gives the "clear to close."
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Phase 7 - Closing

  • The seller's attorney schedules the closing.
  • The buyer agent schedules an appointment for the final walk-through, either on or the day before closing.
  • The buyer conducts a final walk-through of the house.
  • The seller either attends the closing or pre-signs documents through the attorney.

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